The tree of Life revolves around the ‘Root’ of our thoughts and the ‘Fruits’ of our actions. When we remove thoughts and forego the fruits of action, our Life will evolve instead of revolve..” 

Presenting a life-changing opportunity to come face-to-face with a divine force who will remove your confusions and put you back into fusion.

After 20 years’it is seen that life gets entangled in areas like relationships and finance.  Many-a-times we are completely mired in fear and doubt while tiding over some of these downfalls.

The Sunday white Board Satsanghs premeditated by Shri Nimshnanda Guruji empowers seekers with spiritual practices to not just un-entangle themselves from these shackles but to lead a life of their dreams.

Dedicate your Sundays to re-charge and re-calibrate yourselves with these intense discourses and practical recourses to live a protected, guided and exultant life.

To participate in TSWBS leave your details here and we will call you shortly.

Shri Nimshnanda Guruji is an embodiment of love and compassion. These are the qualities that are at the core of all enlightened beings but is elusive to us. We see so-called compassion in the form of glib lip-sympathy or grand acts of charity but these acts never penetrate the soul, leaving us as shallow as ever.

To give us an opportunity to serve humbly enabling an inner transformation,Shri Nimshnanda Guruji has adopted the Sri Chowdappa Geeta Ashram in Bapuji Nagar Bangalore to make a difference to the lives of the beautiful children here.

You can serve by making your meaningful contribution here through the Shree Public Charitable Trust.

We are coming up with a spiritually-packed webinar series- Activate Now Discourses from March 15th 2018. Be ready to weed out all your negativities and pave a path of bliss through these sessions. Click here to participate and book your slot for the forthcoming theActivate Now Discourses

By Shri Shri NimishanandaSpeakingTree Jan 5th 2015

Its hope that eggs us on. How else could we face life’s ups and downs? Daily we come face to face with joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, success and failure, acceptance and rejection, birth and death. Yet we do try to be more more