When we instill this unshakeable faith in the guru, we will always be infused further with great zeal and enthusiasm to continue our sadhana. This is exactly what happened to the Gods 

  Establish a Guru peetha at home, and automatically you will start moving towards a higher level of evolution. You get a bird’s perspective on things. You will be able to look at your own behaviour previously and you will regret it. Remember, your soul has housed a human body  

  Often religion is mistaken for spirituality. People feel that religion is the binding factor than a liberating factor due to various traditions and customs that are prescribed by our scriptures, saints and sages from time immemorial  

  Ignorance depicts the darkness in us. Ahankara or EGO is the most prevalent ignorance, it is the only reason why we don’t get a Guru and also why we become ineligible to become a Guru