Shri Nimshnanda Guruji
About Shri Nimshnanda Guruji

Shri Nimshnanda Guruji is all this and more to his ardent disciples and devotees. Under His Divine and benevolent and gracious shade lies the World of BLISS - where one can always Be Living In a Spiritual State.

To his young followers, He is a friend who jokes around but gently infuses the right values at the right time, exposing them to nuggets of wisdom, setting them on the divine path that leads to a life filled with success, love, and laughter.

To those who come seeking solace from life's troubles, He is a Divine counselor who heals and protects, and then teaches them to survive worldliness and by developing Godliness.

To people already on the path, he acts as a catalyst to accelerate their spiritual quest, reminding them of their true purpose in life, which is Mukti or Salvation and eases their journey by walking along them.
To the elderly, He is a kind and compassionate guide, a soothing beacon of hope and happiness in their twilight years.

To all who come into His presence, His Holiness showers His grace and love with timely guidance, a kind word, a direct gaze, a gentle smile and a fruit Prasada charged with His blessings that have the power to wipe out the karma of a thousand births.

We as human beings are precious and auspicious and with intense sadhana, as depicted in this logo, we will become pure and filled with unconditional love- Aham Prema. This is Shri Nimshnanda Guruji's  blessings for all.